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Gloucestershire Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) is part of FWAG SouthWest, a registered charity representing the region's farmers and landowners in the delivery of wildlife conservation.

FWAG (Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group) was first established as a charity in the 1960s by a group of forward thinking farmers who saw that the environment was an important part of a successful farming business. Gloucestershire FWAG shares this vision today and acts to:

“Promote and enhance the conservation of wildlife, the environment and the landscape in relation to modern agricultural needs.”

Gloucestershire FWAG provides independent expert advice, tailored to your needs and aimed at bringing environmental and financial benefits to your business.

Gloucestershire FWAG and FWAG SouthWest are also part of the FWAG Association, an umbrella organisation under which many of the independent FWAG organisations across the country can join together to help influence government policy relating to the delivery of farmland environmental conservation.

The Gloucestershire Team:

Jenny Phelps

Senior Farm Conservation Adviser

Jenny has over 30 years’ experience giving on farm advice, the last 10 years of which has been with Gloucestershire FWAG.

Jenny leads on many projects including the Upper Thames Catchment Based Approach and Payments for Ecosystem Services Defra pilots. All her projects use the integrated Local Delivery methodology, which aims to value and incorporate the knowledge and needs of land owners, authorities and the local communities.

Sarah Wells

Farm Conservation Adviser

Sarah offers on farm advice on a range of topics including Environmental Stewardship schemes, Cross Compliance, Greening regulations and the new Basic Payment Scheme. She is also experienced in a variety of survey techniques and in producing digitised maps through the use of ArcGIS software.

Sarah coordinates a number of projects including the Rest Assured project which aims to help farmers struggling with the complexities of regulation, and facing financial hardship.

Jo-anne Leigh
Assistant Farm Conservation Adviser

Joanne has worked with FWAG SW as an associate for over two years, completing Farm Environment Plans and environmental stewardship applications.Joanne has also worked on the WILD project undertaking farm advice visits covering a suite of issues such as diffuse pollution, countryside stewardship and cross compliance. Joanne is also a competent user of ArcGIS software and has used this to map the outputs of projects.

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