Gloucestershire FWAG

The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group

Steering Group

The Gloucestershire FWAG Steering Group is made up of local land owners, farmers, land agents and conservation professionals, all of whom are dedicated to FWAG’s goals and vision of a sustainably farmed Gloucestershire. The group help to arrange events and raise funds as well as using their extensive collective experience to offer guidance to the Gloucestershire team.

The Earl Bathurst

Gloucestershire FWAG President

The Earl Bathurst runs the Bathurst Estate, covering some 15,500 acres of countryside including much of the village of Sapperton and Coates, Pinbury Park, and the principal source of the River Thames.

As a conservationist, he has campaigned to preserve the rural countryside and is a long term FWAG supporter.

Richard Appleton

Retired Natural England Adviser

Richard spent over 40 years working as an agricultural consultant around the country, and specialised in agri-environment work for the last 20 years before retiring from Natural England in 2012.  He has worked with FWAG for over 30 years and has been a Gloucestershire Steering Group member since 1994. Richard lives in Herefordshire and “keeps his feet on the ground” with a small sheep flock, a couple of horses and a small Perry Pear orchard

Simon Pain

Gloucestershire farmer

Over the past 9 years Simon Pain has transformed Billow Farm, altering the farming systems to work in harmony with wildlife and carrying out habitat conservation and improvements. Most recently Simon has converted the farm to gain organic status and plans to further improve the farm for the Owls, Partridge’s and dormice that have been successfully targeted for conservation. Billow Farm also won the 2013 Silver Pintail Trophy, Gloucestershire FWAG’s farming and environment award.

Ian Boyd

Gloucestershire Farmer

For more than a decade, Ian Boyd's farm at Whittington Lodge in the Cotswolds has been successfully working towards the management of farm habitats for wildlife. The farm has changed from being production-led to working in harmony with wildlife which has resulted in an abundance of wildflowers and insects attracting birds all year. This abundance of wildlife sits alongside an increasing educational programme and a well-run commercial farm.

Henry Boughton

Farmer and Tannery Owner

Henry splits his time between his Gloucestershire farm and his tannery ‘Woolmore’ in the Falkland islands. His extensive farming experience and eye for sustainable business opportunities make him a valuable asset to the Gloucestershire group.