Gloucestershire FWAG

The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group

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Many of the farm assurance schemes require farmers to prepare a conservation plan for their business.  These plans help to demonstrate the value of the habitats on the farm for wildlife and the opportunities that exist for habitat creation and enhancement.

FWAG SouthWest can work with you to develop a plan that compliments the existing features and identifies new opportunities that fit within your farm business.

Ensuring you meet the requirements

Each assurance scheme requires a conservation plan that considers a wide range of potential features; whether it is archaeological interest, protected species or priority habitats.  Working with the requirements of the assurance scheme FWAG SouthWest can assist you in preparing a plan that enables you to meet the requirements.

Our aim is to provide you with a plan that meets the requirements of the scheme but also delivers real environmental benefits within your farming business.

We achieve this by:

  • Carrying out a farm visit to understand how your business works.
  • Survey the features and species on your farm.
  • Conducting a desk study to identify recorded features and species.
  • Preparing a practical plan with clear maps and illustrations to help you implement measures.